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The Not-At-All Definitive Guide to Jane Austen Films

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that when your husband leaves town for 8 days, you should ferret out every Jane Austen movie adaptation possible and rank them according to style, casting, overall feel, and that special, indescribable little pop that makes a film worth […]

pocket postcards vol. 2

Dear Bonnie Brae Ice Cream, Thank you for making all your ice cream and cones on the premises. If you didn’t, I wouldn’t have been positively drawn to your doorstep by the heavenly smell of cooking waffle cones wafting to greet me a block and […]

Climbing Roses

I am a sucker for flowers. Any time I enter a grocery store, I have to stop and quite literally smell the roses. I usually restrain myself from stocking my entire basket with florals — one has to watch the budget after all — but it is certainly a struggle. So it’s always a delight when surprise flowers show up on my doorstep, as happened last week when my very kind landlady left us a small vase of climbing roses she pruned from her garden.

It seems to me my landlady was a professional florist in another life, because her garden-harvested floral arrangements are always perfection. She’s sweet and thoughtful, and shares these treasures with us freely throughout the season.  Her most recent creation begged to be photographed — the colors! the textures! — so I pulled out some gear and was quite content to get lost in the task.

Here’s wishing you all a good week ahead. Seek out beauty in all its many forms; that remains one of the best antidotes to the particular ennui and lethargy that can plague us these days.


SIGNED, anya elise

Devil’s Thumb Ranch

I had to go back into the archives for this one, my friends. Way back. One and one-half years back to be precise. I thought perhaps I had shared this before on my former photo blog, but it turns out I didn’t. Compelling narrative, no? […]

A Sunday in Four Parts

The house still smells like bacon. We spent a heaven-sent Sunday in our little cottage house this weekend, napping, reading, watching television, drinking homemade lattes, and yes, devouring bacon. We don’t frequently get unscheduled weekends, so when we do, we hold on to them tight. […]